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drywall installation
Figure 1 - Hanging drywall

Drywall (sheetrock), or more specifically gypsum board, is a major source of client complaints. In addition to having a high degree of visibility, an aesthetically good drywall installation (Figures 1 & 2) depends heavily on a number of trades, especially framers.

There is now a greater frequency of problems with drywall application due to:

  • wetter framing materials,
  • higher levels of insulation,
  • faster construction scheduling,
  • increase in construction during winter months,
  • more helpers and less journeymen on the drywall installation crews.
Table 1 - Moisture-Related Factors Influencing Wall Systems
Area Primary Consideration Problem Cause


Nail Pops

Wet framing lumber

Fastener pops


Other types of cracking


Shrinkage of compound

Corner bead pulling away from framing

Stresses at openings

Inadequate corner support

Visible joints, ridging and tape delamination of drywall

Environmental conditions

Damaged drywall board edges


Visible joints, ridging and tape delamination

Improper application of joint tape and compounds

Lumber shrinkage,

Improper drywall installation


Deterioration of drywall in high moisture areas

Excessive humidity and dampness in bathrooms, laundry areas and exterior soffits.


drywall installed and taped
Figure 2 - Drywall hung and tapped