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Nail Pops

Problem: Nail pops.

Cause: Fastener pops.

Some builders suggest that screws with a coarse thread have a greater resistance to popping.


  • Apply hand or mechanical pressure when fastening to ensure that the gypsum board is making contact with the framing.
  • Tack board in place, then return to complete nailing or screwing.
  • Use screwing or double nailing to draw the gypsum board tighter to the stud as shown in Figure 60.
Double Nailing Drywall To Wall Studs
Figure 60 - Double Nailing Drywall To Wall Studs
  • Stagger fasteners to reduce the diagonal distances between nails or screws.
  • If a nail or screw breaks the surface of the drywall paper, it loses its hold on the gypsum board. Drive a second fastener close to the first.