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Problem: Other types of drywall cracking.

Cause: Stresses at openings.

Differential movement around openings such as windows and doors can result in stresses on the drywall, which will result in cracking.


  • Avoid locating joints at the edge of the header as shown in Figure 62.
Preventing Drywall Stress Cracks
Figure 62 - Preventing Drywall Stress Cracks

Note 1: Locate joints 6 inches (150 mm) away from corners of opening.

Note 2: Install drywall joint tape on a diagonal to reinforce corners and help prevent stress cracks.

  • Apply 6 to 8 inch (150 to 200 mm) lengths of joint tape diagonally to reinforce corners.
  • Provide adequate framing to absorb vibration from door and window operation. Cut jack studs in window frames accurately.
  • With metal framing, reinforce header and jamb intersections or provide additional framing. Grout frames for heavy or oversized doors.