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Problem: Visible joints, ridging and tape delamination of drywall.

Cause: Improper application of joint tape and compounds.


  • Make sure that the joint tape is completely embedded in the compound to prevent bubbling.
  • Avoid using too much water in the mix or using heavy fills.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions and requirements.
  • Allow joint compounds to dry completely between coats.
  • Feather butt joints wider than edge joints as shown in Table 1 and Figure 66.
Typical Drywall Joint Taping
Figure 66 - Typical Drywall Joint Taping
Table 1 - Typical Widths For Drywall Taping In Inches (mm)

Butt Joint

Edge Joint

1st Coat

5 (120)

5 (120)

2nd Coat

10 (250)

8 (200)

3rd Coat

16 (400)

10 (250)

  • Avoid over sanding the compound or sanding the paper that covers the surface of the drywall. This can result in "flashing" - different gloss text6ures on the joint and the drywall.
  • In extremely bright areas, even minor surface flaws will be readily noticeable. Consider using a flat, or low-gloss (sheen) paint to minimize the visual effect of apparent defects.