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Window Treatments - Part 3

Window Position:

It is generally not rational to determine the position of a window on a wall or within a room based on other features. However, consideration should be given to other features within the room and how they may affect the choice of window coverings, window treatments or drapes.

  • Chair rails should not butt up against window trim or be above the sill of the window as this can hamper window blinds and shades from hugging the window trim which will be detrimental to providing privacy or stopping light from entering the room.
  • When chair rails on a wall butt the window trim on an adjacent wall you will have problems with drapes hanging neatly, when open or closed.
  • Mantels over fireplaces should allow sufficient and adequate clearance for any window topper, window treatment or window covering that may be applied over a window on the mantel piece wall or on an adjacent wall.
Drapery window covering
Figure 16 - Drapery window covering
  • Furniture that fits tight between a wall and window trim may prevent certain window treatments, window toppers, or window coverings from being installed. Drapes and vertical blinds need adequate horizontal dead wall space if they are to be able to be opened 100%, as shown in Figure 16.
  • The window's clearance with respect to the ceiling should also be considered (Figure 16). Drapery track and curtain rods require an area above the window for mounting. Limited window/ceiling clearance can provide gaps where light can enter the room.
  • Adequate structural planning can also save a lot of heartache with the choice of window coverings. If you have chosen a heavy drape or other window covering having wood framing in the correct location above the window to support drapery tack or rod brackets will ensure that once the drapes are hung they will remain in position without the need to repair the bracket supports.

Window Treatment Items To Consider:

Exterior door with clear glass
Figure 17 - Exterior door with clear glass
  • Exterior doors that have clear glass, as shown in Figure 17 can create serious privacy and security issues. In some cases a sheer light weight fabric is used and other homeowners have resorted to a window privacy film, as shown in Figure 18.
Window privacy film
Figure 18 - Window privacy film
Exterior door with opaque glass
Figure 19 - Exterior door with opaque glass
  • Probably the best solution is to eliminate the need for a window covering or window treatment by using an exterior door that has an opaque or colored glass, as shown in Figure 19.

  • Security systems can play havoc with window coverings, window toppers and window treatments. Magnetic window and door contacts, security cameras, motion, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors all have to be considered when installing any style or type of window coverings.
  • Motion sensors can easily be triggered by drapes or blinds that are blowing because a window is cracked open and the window covering or window treatment is not seated properly.

  • If you are considering window cornices, as shown in Figure 20, you must consider the horizontal length, as the cornice should be long enough to house the window covering when the covering is in its open position.
Window cornice with drapes
Figure 20 - Window cornice with drapes
Powered drapery track
Figure 21 - Powered drapery track
  • If you are planning on installing lighting in the cornice, there must be sufficient depth and/or height to accommodate both the window covering and the lighting.

  • Powered drapery tracks, as shown in Figure 21, and rods require electrical power and sufficient depth if a cornice is being utilized. Some powered drapery tracks will require strategically placed electrical outlets (receptacles).
  • Staircases and windows can present daunting challenges with window coverings. You must be able to access the opening and closing mechanism and if using drapes or vertical blinds there must be sufficient space for them to open without being a stair safety hazard.

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