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Using Rocks In Landscaping

Rock formations as shown in Figures 1 and 2 can provide very interesting visual effects as part of a home landscaping project.

rocks in landscaping

Figure 1 - Using Rocks In Landscaping

A rock formation will give you areas for planting that will highlight properly chosen plants. You can create waterfalls, retaining walls, and use rocks to provide a path through the garden.

Before placing the rocks in their position there are a few things to consider and do.

Considerations When Using Rocks In Landscaping:

If you have an underground sprinkler system, are the heads clear of the proposed rock positions and will the rocks block the water exiting the sprinkler head from reaching any required areas.

rocks in retaining wall for landscape

Figure 2 - Rocks used as a retaining wall

Have you buried any pipes for a water service?

  • If you are planning on burying any piping, do it before you place the rocks. Rocks are not something that you want to have to move once they are placed. Now is the time to consider a drip irrigation system if you are planning on a planting in the proposed rock garden areas. Drip irrigation works extremely well in rock gardens.

Do you have buried electrical conduit?

  • Consider spot and flood lighting that will highlight the rock placement within the landscaping and where you will obtain the power feed for that lighting.

Working safely is critical when dealing with objects that are heavy and awkward to handle. Safety boots with steel toes are imperative as are a pair of properly fitting gloves.