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Remodeling Sections:

modern kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling:

Kitchen Remodeling will be your most expensive home improvement. Save time and money by understanding your kitchen remodeling options. Detailed information on kitchen design, layout, cabinets, flooring, ventilation, appliances, electrical and plumbing.

traditional bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling:

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your home. Yet, on a square foot basis bathroom remodeling can be the most expensive room to remodel. Detailed information on bathroom design, flooring, wall materials, fixtures, lighting, ventilation and faucets.

electric plug

Electrical & Electricity:

Detailed instructions on installing switches and outlets, wiring a sub-panel, fishing wires, fuses, circuit breakers, outdoor wiring and lighting.

hardwood and marble floor


Hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic & porcelain tile flooring, marble, granite & limestone flooring, vinyl, installation and restoration; carpet fibers, flooring comparisons and much more.

 roofing materials


Roof styles and materials; slate, metal, asphalt shingle, wood shingle, clay, ceramic, tile. Includes sections on rafters and trusses. Creating cathedral ceilings, installing gutters, preventing ice dams and calculating attic ventilation.

landscaping with water feature

Gardening & Landscaping:

Learn how to remodel your garden and landscaping - plant roses or bulbs, use organic fertilizers, build a deck, gazebo or greenhouse.

Special Features:

Free Plans:

More than 2,000 free plans in over 250 categories. Home renovation, remodeling, woodworking and more.

House Building Plans:

219 free house building plans, divided into categories based on number of bedrooms and design style.

Specialty Parts:

Where to buy specialty parts. Abrasives, Bearings, Cutting Tools, Electronic Components, Fasteners, Hardware, Industrial Hand Tools, Lab Supplies & Linear Motion Parts.

Latest Articles:

Ideas to make your House Awesome

We all have some ideas of how we want our house to look. Some of us want to have a pool, some of us like keeping showpieces. Some of us like to have potted plants while some are fond of artwork.

3 Upgrades To Consider When Renovating Your Home

Whether you're remodeling your entire house, or simply updating your kitchen design, renovation is a major upheaval. It takes money and time, and upends your lifestyle for a while. Which is why you should take the opportunity to upgrade what you can.

5 Times When Hiring an Air Conditioning Specialist is a Must

Whatever seems to be the problem with your air conditioner, calling a specialist will give you the peace of mind to know the problem will be fixed. For something as important as the temperature of your home, duct-tape-like solutions are a no-go.

How To Make A Turnaround Driveway

Backing your vehicle out of your driveway and on to the street can lead to accidents. If you have the available space, you should consider building a turnaround driveway.

How To Landscape Your Home To Save Energy

If you take care in planning your landscaping, you, the homeowner, can save hundreds of dollars each year in the energy that your heating and air conditioning systems require to operate.

How To Design & Build A Roof Truss

Residential roof trusses are an engineered configuration of wood members placed to hold the weight of the roof's finishing materials, the internal structure's ceiling and any snow load that may occur.



3D Software - DIY Home Renovation & Landscape Design:

3D CAD software, 3D home design software, 3D landscaping software - available to download on your home computer or use a service. Review all of your 3D software options!

New Product Showcase:

Keep informed on the latest DIY home renovation, remodeling and gardening products, tools and design techniques at our New Product Showcase.

Quick Tips:

Quick Tips to help the home handyman and do-it-yourself individual with home improvements, remodeling, repair and renovation. banner