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How To Remodel A Bathroom On A Budget - Part 2

Part 1

  1. Showerheads:
  2. A new, modern showerhead can make a substantial difference to the overall appearance of the shower or bath area. Shopping is the key to a bargain. As you only require one showerhead, the fact that it is last year’s model makes no difference to how it will fit into your new bathroom décor.

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  3. Walls:
  4. If the walls are tiled, but the grout is dirty or has black mold or mildew stains you can usually clean the grout and tile back to its original luster.

    If the grout is damaged, it can be removed and the tiles can be freshly grouted.

    If the walls are painted a fresh coat of paint will bring an old bathroom back to life. There are so many colors to choose from and now you can even purchase paints that provide textured surfaces.

    Walls can also be partially covered in wallpaper, although wall paper should not be used within a shower. If you are interested in using wallpaper you should visit a specialty wallpaper store for tips on wallpapering a bathroom. As well, as you will only need a small amount of wallpaper they may have end of lines available at a reduced cost.

  5. Ceiling:
  6. The ceiling should have a fresh coat of paint. White is usually recommended for the ceiling as it will increase the visual feeling of height.

  7. Lighting:
  8. A new light fixture or fixtures will modernize any bathroom. The choices of light fixtures are mind boggling. Visit your local lighting center and see what they have on sale! Check on-line vendors for clear-outs and end of lines.

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  9. Switches and Receptacles:
  10. Change over your switches and receptacles to decorator style. They gave a much nicer appearance than toggle or standard receptacles.

    Note: Make sure that receptacles are GFCI style or that there is a GFCI breaker in the load center panel.

  11. Door Entry Hardware:
  12. If your current bathroom door entry hardware is quality and stylish it can be cleaned and brought back to its original luster. New entry door sets can be purchased, but they should match others on doors that are in the same visual area as the bathroom door. Door hinges can be cleaned, painted or replaced as the case may be. Door entry sets go on sale often at the big box home improvement centers and you can also get excellent bargains on-line.

  13. Shower Doors:
  14. If you currently have shower doors they can usually be cleaned up to bring them back to their original luster.

    If they do need replacement or if you are planning on adding shower doors, stick to the framed style doors as the frameless doors are much more expensive.

  15. Fixtures:
  16. If you are planning on replacing bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets there are a couple of items to remember.

  17. Each manufacture has their own proprietary color schemes. Even a white from one manufacturer will look different than a white from another manufacturer.
  18. Whirlpool bathtubs are substantially more expensive than a basic bathtub. However bargains can be found in whirlpool tubs at the big box home improvement centers and on-line.
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