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How To Make Inexpensive Closet Organizers - Part 2

The following are just a few of the different closet organizer variations that you as a DIY home handyman or woman can construct. It is important that you look at each of your closet requirements and then decide on a closet organizer design that will work for that specific closet.

In Figure 4 we have a very simple closet organizer design that would be most likely applicable to teenagers or adults. It expands the usable hanging space in a closet by 33 percent. It allows for the hanging of long items and doubles the space available for hanging shorter items.

adding an additional closet rod
Figure 4 - Adding an additional closet rod

As an indication of the economics of building your own closet organizers, the cost for this configuration of materials for the closet organizer is less than $30.

A vertical board is added to the closet space. Its horizontal position, relative to the closet space is only subject to how many long items you have to hang versus how many short items you have to hang.

The easiest and most inexpensive method of building this configuration of closet organizer is to cut a 6 to 8 inch board that is the height of the floor to the bottom of the top shelf. Notch the top of the board so that the closet rod will sit in the notch.

To do this measure the center point of the closet rod and drill a hole in the board that is slightly larger than the diameter of the closet rod. The front edge of the closet rod should be flush with the front of the upper shelf, as shown in Figure 5.

detail of top of vertical board for closet organizer
Figure 5 - Detail of top of vertical board for closet organizer

Slide the closet rod through the hole.

Put the board, with the hole, into position and use three wood screws, to screw through the shelf and into the upright board, as shown in Figure 5, sink the screws so that the top of the head of the screw is flush with the surface of the shelf.

You can attach the bottom of the board to the floor using a 1 X 2 wood batten or by using metal L brackets, as shown in Figure 6.

detail of bottom of vertical board for closet organizer
Figure 6 - Detail of bottom of vertical board for closet organizer

Add the second closet rod at a height of approximately 39 inches.