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Flooring - Finished Flooring


Finish flooring is what a homeowner, family members and guests see, and problems which develop beneath the flooring are often evident in the finishing material.

Discolored resilient (vinyl) flooring is common and the result of different influences. In some cases, non-compatible fillers and adhesives that react with the finish flooring have been used, causing visible problems. Improper use of adhesives or cleaners or accidental spills on the underlay can also result in color changes in resilient (vinyl) flooring.

Telegraphing of the joints in the underlay through the resilient (vinyl) flooring can be annoying and costly to repair.

Builders face the difficult task of matching materials such as subfloor, underlay, joint fillers, adhesives and finish flooring.

Underlay materials must be acclimatized to the temperature and moisture conditions expected during occupancy of the house. Underlay panels are often very susceptible to moisture and can change dimensions almost overnight. Acclimatizing is a difficult but important step towards minimizing flooring problems.

As ceramic tiles gain widespread acceptance as floor finishes, builders must tackle the problems of providing very sturdy bases upon which to install them. Cracked floor tiles and grout lines are often due to a weak floor structure supporting the tiles from traffic on the floor, before it has properly set or cured.

For lasting beauty, finish flooring requires a properly installed base that utilizes complementary materials and quality installation.