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Foundation Problems & Solutions

Concrete Foundation Walls - Structural Deterioration And Damage

Problem: Cracks in foundations and slabs resulting from frost heaving and freezing - 1.

Cause: Footings not extending below the frost line.

Most commonly, this problem occurs at garage frost walls and basement walk-outs where excavations may not be deep enough to bet below the frost line.

Solutions: Ensure that all footings are located below the frost line or are protected by an insulated skirt.

  • All footings, including those supporting garages and those below basement walk-outs, must be maintained below the depth of frost penetration as shown in Figure 17. Information on the local depth of frost penetration is available through your local building department.
Footing depth relative to frost line
Figure 17 - Footing depth relative to frost line
  • Have shallow footings professionally designed to minimize frost penetration. Use vertical and horizontal insulation to protect the footings as shown in Figure 18.
insulated shallow footing
Figure 18 - Insulated Shallow Footing