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Foundation Problems & Solutions

Concrete Foundation Walls - Water Leakage

Problem: Creep and movement of exterior foundation insulation above grade - 1.

Cause: Frost adhesion.

When not properly installed, exterior insulation can move as affected by soil pressures. Frost adhesion can raise the exterior insulation, and soil settlement can lower the insulation relative to the above-grade elements of the cladding.

Solutions: Prevent movement caused by frost adhesion.

  • Minimize moisture in the surrounding soil using free-draining fill or free-draining insulation materials. Where moisture content in the soils adjacent to the insulation is low, lensing and adhesion is unlikely to occur.
  • Ensure that insulation materials are adequately fastened to the foundation and capped at the top of the insulation to restrict upward movement. Mechanically fastened insulation is preferable to mastic-applied approaches as shown in Figure 34a and 34b.
fastening of insulation materials to foundation wall
Figure 34a - Fastening Of Insulation Materials - 1
fastening of insulation materials to concrete foundation wall
Figure 34b - Fastening Of Insulation Materials - 2