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How To Budget Remodeling Your Kitchen

Current Kitchen Layout Is Satisfactory

Part 1

Now that you have determined that the basic kitchen layout is satisfactory you must look at each segment of your potential kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen remodel cabinets

Figure 1 - Kitchen remodel cabinets
  1. Cabinets (Figure 1).
  2. Are you satisfied with the kitchen cabinets? At this stage we are not considering whether or not the appearance of the cabinets is acceptable. The question pertains to the physical structure of the kitchen cabinets.

    As examples:

    • Are the wall cabinets at an acceptable height above the countertop?
    • Do cabinets have areas which are all but useless? This can occur in corners where cabinets overlap, making the inside areas directly in the corners of the cabinet next to impossible to get into.
    • Are you satisfied with the types of cabinets currently installed? This question pertains to cabinets with drawers versus cabinets with doors and specialty cabinets such as a pantry.

    You have determined that the current kitchen layout is satisfactory, but that does not mean that the current space allocated for the range and/or the refrigerator are large enough for the major appliances that you would like to install. If you want more space for major appliances it is highly likely that the current wall and base cabinets will have to be changed.

    If you are satisfied with the physical structure of the cabinets they do not have to be replaced. If however, they just look old or outdated, there are numerous levels of kitchen cabinet refurbishment that can be considered. These cabinet refurbishments can make your old, tired, outdated kitchen cabinets look like new at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

    If the cabinets are not structurally acceptable, then your budget should include replacing the kitchen cabinets. If kitchen cabinet replacement is required you have four basic alternatives with respect to replacement to choose from.

    If you purchase kitchen cabinets that you will install yourself, from your local big box home improvement center you should budget. The following cabinets come in a range of standard sizes. It will be necessary for you to determine which size base and wall cabinets will best fit in the kitchen.

    Cabinets that are in stock, and finished, that must be assembled - allow $100 per lineal foot for both wall and base cabinets.

    Cabinets that are in stock and finished and come assembled - allow $150 per lineal foot for both wall and base cabinets.

    Cabinets that are ordered (pre-defined sizes) and are finished and come assembled - allow $250 per lineal foot for both wall and base cabinets.

    Note: The aforementioned prices do not include specialty items such as glass doors, cabinets with interior slide out drawers, trim pieces such as crown moldings and kick plates nor do they include the costs of cabinet hardware (assembled cabinets will include the cabinet hinges and drawer slides, however in many cases they do not include door and drawer pulls and knobs). In some instances cabinet hardware and trim pieces can almost double the per lineal foot cost of the cabinetry.

    If you wish to consider custom cabinetry you will have to visit a custom kitchen cabinet retailer in order to choose materials and styles. The custom kitchen cabinet retailer will provide you with a quote for your project. There is no rational average per lineal foot pricing for custom cabinetry.

    If you are a reasonable competent woodworker and you are on a tight budget you may wish to consider building your own kitchen cabinets.


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