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Noise Control

External Noise

Problem: Outdoor noise penetration into the home.

Cause: Windows left open to provide ventilation. At noisy sites, windows must be closed for acceptable noise reduction.

Solutions: Install suitable ventilation system so that windows can normally be left closed.

  • Use a forced air ventilation system as shown in Figure 1, with noise-control features.

Honeywell Y8150 Fresh Air Ventilation System

Figure 1 - Honeywell Y8150 Fresh Air Ventilation System
  • Put the inlet for outdoor air and the exhaust outlet in the quietest locations possible.
  • Control noise entering through the inlet and outlet ducts by putting an acoustic duct liner (Figure 2)inside the ducts. Acoustic duct liners have rigid glass fiber lined with a cloth coating and are glued to the inside of the ducts.

Acoustic Duct Lining Material

Figure 2 - Acoustic Duct Lining Material