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Noise Control

Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Problem: Insufficient sound proofing and noise reduction, even through the wood-stud wall contains sound-absorbing material.

Cause: Drywall directly attached to the wood studs on both sides of the wall.


  • Remove the drywall from one side of the wall. Then install independent row of studs, put more sound-absorbing material in the new deeper cavity and attach drywall to the new studs.
  • Remove the drywall from one side. Ensure that the sound-absorbing insulation fills the cavity to at least three quarters of it s thickness. Common fibrous insulations - about R12 or STC 50 in thermal terms - are ideal. Attach resilient metal furring to studs, attach drywall to the furring and seal the bottom of the drywall with permanent acoustic sealant.