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12 Archery Bow & Arrow Plans

Plans 9 - 12

Archery has been practiced for centuries. Many cultures developed archery as a means of hunting for food as well as a weapon to fend off others. You can build your own long bows and arrows using these free plans.

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Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 12

long bow plans

These Popular Mechanics plans are for a wooden long bow, or a flat bow, and include arrow making information. Whether you try for perfect archery target shooting, or take your archery with a dash of small game hunting, you will find keen enjoyment in this ancient sport.

recurve bow plans

These plans are for a building your own recurve bow. The knowledge gained through the experience of making your own bow makes this more than just a prideful accomplishment.

 blunt and broadhead arrows plans  hunting bow plans

These classic archery plans are for a standard bow intended for hunting. There's info on making various blunt and broadhead arrows as well, and a discussion on the merits of flat vs. semi-flat bows.

flat bow plans

The dimensions for this American flat bow are 5' 8″ long with a weight of 45 to 50 lb. at a draw of from 27″ to 28″. This combination is suitable for the average man.

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 12