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15 Beehive Plans

Plans 9 - 15

If you grow flowers and/or vegetables in your garden, they need pollination in order to procreate. Much of the pollination of plants is done by bees as they move from plant to plant carrying pollen from one to another.

Having your own beehive will give you honey as well as ensure pollination of your flowers and vegetables.

Following are free plans and instruction for a number of beehives.

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 15

mason bee - beehive plans

Mason bee - beehive plans

Brood frame beehive

Free plans - brood frame beehive

Miller bee feeder

Free plans - Miller bee feeder

Deep brood beehive

Free plans - Deep brood beehive

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 15