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How Much Does Concrete Cost?‏

Question: We are thinking a concrete slab out the back door then maybe some sod adjacent to that. My first question is: what does a 10x10 or 10x20 concrete slab cost? I have no clue. Pardon my ignorance!

Answer: The price of concrete is somewhat dependent on where you live - $110 to $150 a cubic yard, delivery is usually around $50. In some areas there is a minimum delivery of 2 to 4 cubic yards. That is the concrete only, forms and re-bar are extra.

Calculate how much concrete you will need.

Question: This is exactly what we were looking for - an actual calculator. You should of seen all these "mathematicians" sitting here at the dinner table tonight. One last question: a slab patio rectangle (10x20), what thickness? My father in law stated 3 1/2 inches or 4 inches deep should be plenty. Is this correct?

Answer: I wouldn't go less than 4" - don't forget the wire mesh or rebar.