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Installing Interior Doors

Question: We have an old house that has dormers in the attic. We've just recently finished making these dormers into actual bedrooms for the two teens. However, there are eaves which we intend to make into closets. The "door" openings were already there and can't be made into a normal height. We know nothing about doors so we got a carpenter in to estimate and he said to cut normal interior doors to fit properly will be in the neighborhood of $200 per door.

That's seems ridiculously steep to me. Any experience with this stuff? This carpenter told us that you can't "just buy an interior door and cut it any size you want". Why not?

Answer: Interior doors are hollow and only have an 1.5" to 3" piece of solid wood at the top and bottom. $200 sounds high to me, just to cut the door. If the $200 includes the door, building a doorframe, moldings and trim, and supplying the door hardware (hinges), including a reasonable quality door knob, then it is a fair price.

A hollow door can be cut and a new piece of wood inserted into the top hollow.

As an alternative you might consider using bi-fold doors. They come in shorter heights and a variety of widths.