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Laminate Flooring On Walls?

Question: Would it be possible... or practical... or cost effective to use laminate wood flooring on a bathroom wall? There is no tub or shower, so moisture shouldn't be an issue. I'm planning to use tile on the floors, but I found some inexpensive interlocking bamboo laminate flooring that I think would look nice to use half way up the walls to go with my Asian theme. Since these are usually used as "floating" floors, what would be the best way of attaching it to the wall? Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.

Answer: Technically there is no reason why you cannot use laminate flooring on a wall. I would use some construction adhesive. I would also use an overlapping molding to finish the top and put the baseboard in front of the planks rather than butting the planks to the top of the baseboard. Lay a bead of caulking on the floor to allow the planks to expand and contract.