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Pilot Lights

Swimming Pool Heater Pilot Light Problem

Question: I continually have to relight the pilot light on my gas swimming pool water heater. Is there any way around this problem?

Answer: I would try to determine why it keeps going out and correct that problem if possible. With swimming pool heaters it is not uncommon to have the pilot extinguished because of wind entering the heater unit. Placing a fence or other barrier a few feet away from the heater might be enough to change the wind pattern and direction.

If that doesn’t work or really isn’t possible to implement you can purchase an automatic pilot light relighting module. These units cost around $80 and if you are not comfortable installing it yourself, you should be able to have one installed for less than $150 parts and labor.

The automatic pilot light relighting module will work equally as well on gas furnaces, water heaters and any other appliance that has a gas or propane pilot light.

Additional information on lighting the pilot light on a gas furnace and adjusting a pilot light flame.