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New Roof, No Flashing!

Question: I had a new roof put on my house 2 years ago. It seemed to be fine & then the kitchen ceiling started leaking during a heavy rainstorm. We were shocked because the new roof should have taken care of that. We looked in the attic & the chimney was wet. We called the roofer who said it's probably because there is no flashing-I don't do flashing. We looked in the contract-it doesn't say anything about flashing one-way or the other. My questions are: shouldn't flashing be included in a roofing job? What damage could the leaking have caused in 2 years? Can I sue this guy for the price of what the flashing & repairs will cost me?

Answer: I have never heard of a roofer who doesn't do flashing. The flashing is an integral part of roofing and usually goes on before the final layer of roofing material.

You will have to inspect the attic for damage. It is impossible to say how much or how little damage you might have sustained.

I am not a lawyer, if he is licensed you might want to call your state licensing board. You could always try small claims court - it will depend on how specific the contract is - if it states; "I do not do the flashing" you are out of luck - if it says a "complete roof job" you might stand a chance.

Selecting the right contractor is very important for any home improvement or remodeling project.