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Interior Finish


Most problems with the interior finish on the ceiling will show up as wet spots, dark spots, cracks and uneven finishes. Many of these problems relate to the roofing materials or the roof structure.

Cracking of the interior ceiling finish (Figure 1) is usually related to the roof structure and in most cases, to the trusses. There can also be problems with the connections, or with excessive loading in combination with inadequate design.

Wavy ceilings are a result of improper conditions in the house during construction and the scheduling process. Preventing this problem is simple and eliminates difficult and expensive repairs.

Wet spots in the ceiling generally come from two sources: water leaking through the roofing materials; or moisture-laden air leaking from inside the house.

Mold and mildew growth is dealt with in this section. As with many housing problems, techniques for solving other shortcomings will also solve this deficiency. Better building practices and attention to details will generally rectify problems.

Area Primary Consideration Problem Cause

Interior Finish

Structural Deterioration And Damage

Wall-ceiling separation

Truss uplift

Wavy ceilings

High humidity and water absorption by ceiling drywall.

Excess humidity in the house during construction.

Wet ceilings due to attic condensation

Air leakage

Mold and mildew growth

Excessive humidity and cold spots.

ceiling separating from walls

Figure 1 - Ceiling drywall separating from wall drywall

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