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Siding and Cladding Problems


Problem: Poor stucco appearance of finish of wall.

Cause: Poor mixing of stucco.

Both the texture and color of the finish coat of stucco can vary from batch to batch if good quality control practices are not followed.


Ensure consistency in the batching and mixing of the finish coat materials.

  • On-site batching of stucco requires careful attention to ensure that consistency between batches is maintained.
  • Carefully measure quantities of materials in the mix and follow identical mixing routines for each batch.
Power stucco mixer
Figure 1 - Power stucco mixer
  • Be aware that pigments can have batch or lot numbers on bags and only one batch or lot number should be used on any one wall of the house. Variations in batch colors on different walls is generally not noticeable.
  • Ensure that all batches are thoroughly mixed using a power stucco mixer, as shown in Figures 1 & 2.
mixing stucco
Figure 2 - Using a power mixer to mix stucco