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Framing Problems


In a wood-frame house, wall framing includes the studs, plates, blocking and strapping, interior partitions and wall sheathing.

Also included are framing members around openings, jack studs, cripples and lintels.

Most homes in North America have walls that are platform-framed, resting on the floor system below and supporting the floor system above. In some instances, balloon-framing is still used where wall framing is continuous over a number of floors, without interruption at floors as shown in Figures 8a and 8b.

Platform Framing
Figure 8a - Platform Framing
balloon framing
Figure 8b - Balloon Framing
Table 1 - Framing Problems
Area Primary Consideration Problem Cause

 Framing Problems 

Structural Deterioration

Structural deterioration of wall-framing members and sheathing

Moisture in the wall cavity

Moisture and Wood

Wall deformation caused by shrinkage

Wet lumber

Weakened wall studs

Poor installation procedures resulting in studs being out of plumb, or weakening through excessive notching and drilling of bearing walls

Cold interior surfaces promoting condensation and growth of molds and mildew

Thermal bridging across solid elements of the wall assembly.