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greenhouse step bench

How To Make Greenhouse Benches

If you have a greenhouse or are planning on building a greenhouse you will need benches to place your bedding plants flats or trays on.


How To Choose & Store A Level

If you are considering buying a new level you should choose a level based on; the type of work being done, how much abuse the level is expected to take and the frequency of use.

house with turnaround driveway

How To Make A Turnaround Driveway

Backing your vehicle out of your driveway and on to the street can lead to accidents. If you have the available space, you should consider building a turnaround driveway.

energy efficient landscaping

How To Landscape Your Home To Save Energy

If you take care in planning your landscaping, you, the homeowner, can save hundreds of dollars each year in the energy that your heating and air conditioning systems require to operate.

roof trusses on residential roof

How To Design & Build A Roof Truss

Residential roof trusses are an engineered configuration of wood members placed to hold the weight of the roof's finishing materials, the internal structure's ceiling and any snow load that may occur.

independent living house additions

Independent Living - Home Addition Plans

Five independent living addition building plans that can be added to a home. Each suite contains its own kitchenette, sitting room, bedroom and bathroom.

energy saving kitchen design and plans

How To Build An Energy Saving Kitchen

This energy saving kitchen is designed to reduce the amount of physical movement while preparing and cooking meals. The design also includes a workroom with laundry appliances.

above ground storm shelter

How To Build An Above Ground Storm Shelter

This storm shelter is designed to withstand the pressures induced by a 260 MPH wind as recommended by "Internal Guidelines For Building Occupant Protection From Tornadoes and Extreme Winds", TR-83A, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency.

hacksaw cutting stainless steel bar

How To Cut & Drill Stainless Steel

The following tips will help you to cut and drill stailess steel. Since stainless steel is harder to machine, cut and drill, greater force is required during the cutting process.

Lenox tube cutter

How To Use & Choose Tube Cutters

The following tips will help you to choose and use a tube cutter. Tube cutters come in several different sizes and are commonly used for plumbing, HVAC, welding and other types of installation and repair including Automotive. The most common application for tube cutters is copper, stainless steel and PVC tubing, pipe and thin wall steel tubing.

hacksaw blade and numerous metals

How To Use A Hacksaw

The following tips will help you to reduce hacksaw blade wear and make cutting metals of all kinds easier and more efficient. A hacksaw is one of the most popular hand tools in the home handyman’s tool box. Yet, it may be surprising to find that few home handymen use a hacksaw properly.

wood subfloor

How To Level A Subfloor

Many home handymen rush the completion of the subfloor and/or do not pay enough attention to providing a sound and flat base for the finish material. They believe that the finish material will hide and or correct any discrepancies and misalignments with the subfloor and this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

step lights

How To Illuminate Stairs – Step Lights

Stairs are one of the most common causes of home falls and one of the biggest problems associated with stairs is illumination. With the advent of LED lights the homeowner now has many convenient alternatives when it comes to providing light on a staircase or just a few steps in the home.

concrete countertop

How to Make Concrete Countertops

Concrete, as a material to make countertops in kitchens and bathrooms has become quite popular. As well, concrete is being used to create room dividers, fireplace mantels and other architectural features and objects within the home.

hot to perform a slump test

Slump Test for Architectural Concrete

When using concrete to construct architectural pieces such as countertops and statues from molds, the amount of water, the correct consistency of the concrete, is crucial if you are going to obtain a strong and durable finished product.

bag of portland cement

Types of Portland Cement

Portland cement is the key ingredient in making concrete. There are many types of portland cement, some designed for specific applications, some for economy. It is important that you choose the portland cement that will work best in your project.

opening glass wall

Opening Glass Walls

The installation of exterior French doors provides the homeowner with the feeling of bringing the outdoors into the home. If however you install a glass wall that opens to the outside, you not only have the feeling that you have brought the inside of your home outdoors, you actually have.

drywall corner bead

How to Install Drywall Corner Bead

Many home handymen find it difficult to get a professional looking finished outside corner when taping drywall. I have found that most of the problems encountered are related to hanging the drywall on the outside corner and the installation of the corner bead.

taping drywall

10 Tips to Professional Drywall Taping

The problem that most home handymen face when taping drywall is just a lack of experience. The TV "experts", have been doing it for years and if you did drywall taping for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, 5 days a week, you too would be an expert!

crown molding

How to Install MDF Crown Molding

Crown molding or as it is often called "cornice molding" is not overly difficult to install. However, to have a finished job that looks like it was installed by professionals requires the right tools, patience and some knowledge.


Choosing Your Gazebo

Today gazebos can be found to suit almost any outdoor décor style and function. They provide shade and a level floor to place outdoor furniture. They can be the perfect place to entertain guests or can be used to provide a tranquil place to read or contemplate the world.


Foyer Accessibility

A common problem, especially in older homes that have enclosed foyers is the difficulty that someone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter can have trying to enter the home.

outswing exterior door

Security Hinges – Exterior Doors That Swing Outwards

When an exterior door opens outwards, the hinge pins are exposed. No matter what type of security locks, including dead bolts that you place on the door, if the hinges on the door are standard exterior hinges, the hinge pins can easily be removed making your home conveniently accessible to thieves.


Fire Extinguishers For Your Home

Fire experts and fire departments generally recommend that at a minimum homeowners should have appropriate fire extinguishers in the kitchen, which is the number one location where fire starts in a home, workshop, utility and furnace room and the garage.


How To Apply Caulk Around A Bathtub

Applying caulk around your bathtub is not a difficult project. However, it is not quite as easy as the home improvement shows would have you believe. Laying a good bead of caulk requires some practice.

terra cotta pots

How To Clean & Paint A Terra Cotta Flower Pot

Simple terra cotta pots for garden plants both indoors and out are back in vogue! Over time the terra cotta pots become dirty and grungy looking and many gardeners want to paint them to bring them back to life.

electrical power meter

Why Are My Electric Costs Increasing Each Month?

Many homeowners have become aware that their monthly electric bill is continually increasing. At the same time, we are all aware that the cost of each kilowatt of electricity is going up. But the increase in our electrical costs is not just related to the costs of the electricity it is also driven by our consumption of electrical power.

modern kitchen

10 Kitchen Design Tips

A major part of any kitchen remodel is the cabinetry and many homeowners spend a lot of time on the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinets. There are so many cabinetry design and color choices, from traditional cabinets made of solid woods to modern cabinets with Formica or even stainless steel finishes and a host of choices in between.

brown patches on lawn

Planting Grass Seed in Existing Lawns - a 6 Step Process

No matter how much tender loving care we give to our lawns it is not uncommon to find small and large areas where the grass is not growing well, or there are bare spots, where the grass is refusing to spread and take root.

house roofs

How To Choose Roofing Materials

Most homeowners don’t think about their roofs until some damage is evident. Yet the roof and its roofing material are one of the most important structural parts of the home.

solar panels

What Are Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels?

The purpose of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel is to generate electricity. These solar panels are made up of a number of photovoltaic cells wired together to obtain a usable amount of current and voltage to provide power for your home.


Woodworking: Hobby or Business?

So you love woodworking, the smell of sawdust, the hum of a router as it makes a perfect bead on the edge of an oak board, people don’t understand that you are not alone in your shop, you are surrounded by your best friends; the lathe, table saw and jointer, you talk to them - they truly understand you.

winter home

How to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

For those of us who live in the northern part of the country winter brings cold weather, but in many areas there is still a substantial amount of bright sunlight during the day, even though that day may be shorter.

double french glass door

Sliding Glass Door Replacement Options

When sliding glass doors were first introduced into the market, they were the rage. Sliding glass doors were installed in family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and on bedroom balconies.

wood flooring

How to Choose Wood Flooring

Wood has been used as a flooring material for centuries. It is durable, relatively easy to care for, can be refinished and few materials have the elegance that a wood flooring provides.

modern wood screw

Pilot Holes For Modern Wood Screws

Many home projects require the use of wood screws, and when using modern wood screws it is advantageous to drill a pilot hole. A pilot hole will keep the screw straight and will aid in preventing the wood from splitting, especially if you are using hardwoods such as oak and maple.

modern and traditional screws

The Difference between Traditional and Modern Wood Screws

Wood screws have changed over the years. There is a difference in the design of traditional wood screws and modern wood screws.

polyurethane glue

When & How To Use Polyurethane Glue

Polyurethane glue is one of the few adhesives that can withstand the extreme North American weather conditions. Its application is somewhat different to most adhesives.