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What To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale - Part 2

Curb Appeal Pre-listing Check List - Continued:

Exterior of Home:

  • Replace any non-working light bulbs and clean all light fixtures.
  • Remove any remnants of beehives and hornet nests.
  • Wash all windows.
  • Wash siding if appropriate.
  • Tighten railings on steps and porches.
  • Polish door knobs and door knockers.
  • Welcome mats should be clean.
  • All gutters and downspouts should be properly connected.
  • Replace any broken window glass.
  • Street mailboxes should be standing straight, clean and not dented.
  • Wall style mailboxes should be clean, hanging straight, not dented and well secured to the home.
  • If you do not have a storage area for garbage cans, they should be clean and odor free. They should be out-of-sight of anyone who drives up to the front of the home.
  • If there is a door bell it must be functioning – front and back door.
  • Exterior doors including garage doors should open and close easily and without squeaks. If doors squeak use an appropriate lubricant.
  • Satellite dishes that are mounted on the front areas of homes are generally an eye sore. If possible satellite dishes should be located on the back of the home or out of sight on the sides of the home or rooftop.
  • Unused TV masts should be taken down.
  • Dryer and other outdoor ventilation covers should be replaced if broken.
  • Guns – locked up and out of sight – people may get the wrong idea about the neighborhood.


  • Unclutter the garage. The more clutter in the garage the smaller it appears. Adding some inexpensive shelving to provide storage space for items that must be in the garage will give a very good impression.
  • Gardening tools, snow shovels and other long items should be hung neatly on garage walls.
  • Remove oil, grease and other stains from garage floor.
  • Replace any switch and outlet cover plates are broken.
  • Straighten any switch and outlet cover plates that are crooked.

Interior – Applicable Throughout Home:

  • Clean light fixtures and replace all defective bulbs. All bulbs in a specific light fixture should be the same wattage and the same type. All bulbs in recessed lighting within a room should be the same wattage, style and type.
  • Clean light switch plates and switches.
  • Polish door handles and knobs
  • Door hinge pins are fully seated.
  • Steam clean carpets, if there are stains and other dirt marks.
  • Return and delivery air duct grills should be vacuumed.
  • Check for cobwebs in ceiling corners and around drapery rods.
  • Clean all window treatments, blinds, curtains and drapes.


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