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What To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale - Part 3

Interior – Applicable Throughout Home - Continued:

  • Make sure all window drapery and window blinds work.
  • Sliding closet doors should move smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Wash interior of windows.
  • Remove anything from rooms that could be considered controversial, politically or religiously sensitive.
  • Unclutter all closets. Clutter makes the available closet space appear less than it is.
  • Repair cracked grout in any tiled floors.
  • Door bumpers should be in place to protect all doors.
  • The addition of automatic air fresheners throughout the home helps to hide any lingering odors.
  • Clean window tracks. All windows should open easily. Lubricate if necessary.
  • Electrical outlets should not have power cubes installed.
  • Electrical extension cords should not be used if at all possible. The use of electrical extension cords give the indication that there are insufficient electrical outlets on the walls.
  • Telephone wires, television coax cables and speaker cables should be neatly run along baseboards and where possible stapled tightly.
  • Rugs should be clean. If they cannot be cleaned it is better if they are removed.
  • Pet hair should not be visible on furniture, floors, stairs, rugs or carpets.
  • Clean and vacuum ceiling fans and blades.


The kitchen is one of the most important selling features in a home. Remodeling a kitchen – the replacement of kitchen cabinets, flooring and light fixtures will not generally give you a positive ROI (return on investment). However, there are many things that can be done to enhance the appearance of your kitchen without spending a lot of money.

  • Unclutter the kitchen, especially the kitchen countertops. Figure 2 shows a very cluttered kitchen, not only the countertops are cluttered but the entire kitchen appears cluttered, while Figure 3 shows the same kitchen uncluttered. The visual appeal of the uncluttered kitchen is much more desirable from a buyer’s point of view.
cluttered kitchen
Figure 2 - Cluttered kitchen
uncluttered kitchen
Figure 3 - Uncluttered kitchen
  • Unclutter the inside of kitchen cabinets. The more clutter the less apparent interior cabinet space is in the kitchen.
  • Polish the kitchen sink and faucets.
  • Kitchen exhaust fans should run quietly.
  • Replace any washers in faucets that drip.
  • Kitchen exhaust fans should be clean. There should no left over grease residue anywhere on the exhaust fan. If necessary replace the kitchen exhaust fan filters.
  • Keep waste cans empty, clean and odorless.
  • If you are selling the kitchen appliances with the home they should always be clean inside and out. Ovens should be spotless and any spills inside refrigerators cleaned up immediately.
  • Clean faucet aerator of calcium build-up.
  • Remove notes, children’s drawings and all other items that may be magnetically or otherwise fixed to the doors and sides of the refrigerator. Even if you are not selling the appliances with the home, clean sparkling appliances will make the kitchen much more appealing to a potential buyer than appliances that are dirty or cluttered!


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