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Bathtub Surround Backing‏

Question: I am in process of replacing my fixtures for my bathtub with shower. My house was built in the mid 70's. When we pulled the laminate sheet to get to the pipes the only thing we found behind it was drywall. I found some tiles that will be a nice for the walls as a new surround. I've gone to home depot to be told that I need to take out the drywall down to the studs and install another type of board. Can't remember the name of material. Is it necessary to remove the dry wall? The old surround did not go all the way to the ceiling and if hasn't seemed to bother the dry wall that is there.

A friend who does tiles seemed to think that I could just get the board and put it over it. I'm confused. Are there other methods can this be placed over the drywall that is already there?

Answer: The problem is usually the added thickness of the second layer of cement board or greenboard when you try to finish around the faucets and tub edges. If the added thickness is not a problem, then you can add the cement board or greenboard on top of the current drywall - providing that the current drywall is not rotting in any spots, if there is rot, mold or mildew you will be trapping it in the walls where it will grow!!! Find the studs and make sure the second layer of material is screwed through the first layer and into the studs, not just into the first layer of drywall.