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Bathroom Leak‏

Question: We had the master bathroom remodeled. This included a new toilet, raising the vanity, putting in a tile walk-in shower, and a new tile floor. After they were done and we started using everything we noticed water drops on the dining room table in the dining room on the 1st floor under the master bathroom. The contractor came back and said that there were some cracks in the grout on the floor of the shower and he would caulk them and let it dry for 2 days and everything would be OK. I am waiting for it to dry. After the ceiling has become saturated, will it stay up and is there any question of mold?

Answer: First, there should not have been any water leakage even if there was no grout in the floor tiles. The floor tiles are basically for decorative purpose, not to stop water from going to the floor below. By code there must be some sort of pan installed on any shower floor. This could be a rubber membrane or a fiberglass base, and it is installed to ensure that no water goes through the floor. So I would ask; Did your contractor have a building permit?

I think you are going to have to have a long talk with the contractor, there must be a water proof membrane on the floor, or you are going to have leaks forever, grout will continue to crack as temperature changes and people walk in and out of the shower. The ceiling needs to be repaired properly, by removing the damaged section of drywall and replacing it. You will have mold growth if you leave it as is.