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Building Cabinets‏

Question: I would like to build some new cabinets in a laundry room. Is this a project that I should consider undertaking or should I just buy some pre-built cabinets? My budget is tight and I have a lot of projects to do in this house.

Answer: Building your own cabinets is not overly difficult, if you are plan the project and measure twice! It does help if you have a table and miter saw, as the quality of the finished project requires that the lumber joints be cut straight. You have the option of building or buying the cabinet doors. If you are satisfied with flat doors then building them is quite simple. Ornate doors require more effort and woodworking skills, but a reasonably competent home handyman should be able to handle it.

There are some new software packages that will help you to design the cabinets and if you are working on a lot of projects the software may be beneficial for your other projects as well.

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