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Crooked Fence Posts

Question: I have a 4x4 fencepost cemented in the ground and it is tipping out along with the fence that's attached to it. It's on the end right next to my house. Is there a way to encourage it to straighten up without breaking the concrete or the post in the process? As it is, it may be beginning to encourage people to attempt to enter my back yard that way.

There's another fencepost that's tipping inwards. Any ideas abut that one?

Both of these posts don't appear to have any other problems and seem firmly in the ground with no broken concrete.

Answer: The problem is all of the stress in pulling inward, the concrete hasn't broken it has shifted within the ground.

Dig out the ground on the opposite side to the inward tilt. On the inside use a 2 x 4 on an angle, top at the top of the fence post and bottom on the ground, hammer down on the top of the 2 x 4 which should force the fence post upright and into the area that you dug out. Dig out the inside area of the bottom of the fence post, about 4" wide and 2' deep or more if the ground is soft. Fill with new concrete, allow to dry for at least 2 days before you remove the 2 x 4 that is holding the fence upright.

You can use the same technique on the corner and along the wall.