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Solar Powered Water Features

Question: I am considering adding a water feature as part of an overhaul of my backyard landscaping. What is your opinion of the solar powered water pumps?

Answer: I am a proponent of solar power for all outdoor features and lighting. If you buy a quality product you should have no problems.

If you are going to use solar power as the method of powering a water pump you should consider the following aspects.

  • The solar power cells or array must be in sunlight. If your landscaping includes a lot of trees, bushes and high growing plants then you must consider how you will position the solar array so that it is in the sunlight the majority of the day.
  • Remember that the solar powered pump will only operate when there is sunlight on the solar array. If you want the water feature to operate at night or on cloudy days you will have to purchase a battery back-up system. Most quality solar powered water pumps have a back-up battery pack that charges from the solar array, however in some cases the battery back-up is sold as an option. Make sure that the batteries capacity will provide you with the operating time that you desire.