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Proposal to Ban Gas Leaf Blowers

City councils across North America are considering licensing and standards to ban gasoline leaf blowers during the spring and summer months. Councilors support a ban because the machines, particularly those powered by gasoline, create too much noise and pollution.

Some cities already restrict the use of the blowers, prohibiting people from using them from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. ET the next morning. Those considering a ban are aware that "not all homeowners care for postage-sized lawns."

Since city councils have heard from equipment makers and lawn-care companies which said the electrical and battery powered leaf blowers now are much quieter and cleaner today.

Most leaf blowers use two stroke gasoline powered engines, among the worst kind out there. They may be small but the amount of garbage they spew into the air is a lot more than their size would suggest.

What's in all those fumes? Try hydrocarbons (a key component of smog), carbon monoxide, fine particulate matter and other toxic air contaminants. In fact, according to the study, leaf blowers are seen to be more polluting than a new car.

According to their figures, one hour of operating a commercial leaf blower emits an incredible 498 times as much hydrocarbons, 49 times as much particulate matter and 26 times as much carbon monoxide as your average automobile. And it's not just what comes out of the engine that's a problem.

Wind blows around a lot of the dust raised by the machines, which can also carry residue from fecal material, pollen, fungal spores and any pesticides that people are no longer supposed to use in the city but often still do.

And many of us breathe all that in without even being aware it's there. The experts contend that's a lot worse than all that noise that also comes with the wind generators. And that's why they want them banned for good.

How will you get rid of all those leaves? The suggestion is to use the old fashioned method - a rake and a little elbow grease. Enhancements to battery technology now provide alternatives to gasoline leaf blowers.

Powerful 24 Volt rechargeable battery leaf blowers like the MPL TGB-LB-2 here at Green Garden Tools are now capable of delivering the performance of gasoline leaf blowers at much lower noise levels with a blower speed of 150mph.

A 120 Volt converter is included to provide an optional power source from an electrical outlet. An added benefit is that battery and electrical engines tend to have a higher RPM than a typical gasoline engine delivering better performance and longer operating life.