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Gate Hinge Problems

Question: I have six probably antique, matching strap hinges holding up my three gates. They are about 28" total across. The problem is that one is bent. I can find nothing remotely like them. The hinges are nice looking, unique, and I want to keep them all, not to mention the hassle of removing them from the gates.

The bent hinge is a big hinge and is not bent badly. I bent it forcing the gate open when I was in a hurry. I'm thinking if someone has a press of some type, maybe they can flatten the hinge back straight. What type of business would I go to for this?

Also, I used paint stripper to take off the paint on the hinges. My fence is off-white and I want the hinges black. Now the hinges are displaying rust. What do I use to get rid of the rust? Do I need a rust remover then a black paint or is there a paint that will do both jobs? What kind of paint do I need?

Answer: I would think you need a metal fabricator - they would need a press, possibly a brake to straighten it. A company that makes metal ducts would have the tools also a good auto body shop.

For the paint, I would use a wire brush to take off any loose rust, wire wheel on a dremel tool would be better. I would use Rust-Oleum grey metal primer (spray) and then you can apply a finish coat also spray.