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Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Question: I am refurbishing my kitchen cabinets and considering changing the hinges to euro style. Are euro style hinges the best to use?

Answer: There are many styles and configurations of cabinet hinges. If you want the hinge to be completely hidden from view when the cabinet doors are closed, then euro style is an excellent choice. However, you should remember that euro style does not signify a quality and you can purchase low and high quality euro style hinges, as with any hinge.

As well, in many cases seeing a portion or the entire hinge can have aesthetic value that can highlight the kitchen cabinets.

Consideration has to be given to how the doors hang on the cabinets. If they overlap the cabinet frame or are flush with the cabinet frame.

Euro style hinges have the advantage that they are very easy to adjust, if the door is slightly out of plumb, when first installed, with the kitchen cabinet frames.