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Drafty Door & Baseboards

Question: We just purchased our first single family home and have lived here 2 months now. I fear our energy bills will be huge, as every wall seems to be drafty. Not really the windows, which are Andersen and only about 4 years old or so. They seem to be ok. What do you recommend to seal up the leaks where the floors and walls meet? Also, the front door isn't properly sealed. We bought a "Dennis Comfort Seal Magnetic & Compression Door set", but my husband says we need to return it b/c we have to have a professional come in and draft-proof the door. I think he's wrong. It's a regular door, it has a window in it, not sure how else to describe it. Will this kit work? Can I do it myself? I'm 5ft tall 95 lbs and never done this before.

Answer: The draft between the floor and walls sounds like there is no insulation behind the baseboards. Remove a baseboard and take a look, you can use the expanding foam insulation or put some fiberglass in - don't crush the fiberglass as it is the air that is the insulator. If they are small cracks you can use caulking.

The door insulation kit is easy to install, follow the instructions. It should work and stop the drafts.

Additional information on caulk.