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Choices Of Siding And Veneers For Your Home

Part 2

As a general statement, you cannot remove horizontal siding, stucco or thin brick veneer and replace it with bricks, as the foundation wall is not designed with a ledge wide enough to support the brick wall.

Horizontal or vertical siding can generally be installed over any existing wall surface including brick and stucco. It should be noted however, that window and door frames may have to be modified or replaced to account for the added thickness of the siding or veneer material.

The following pages list exterior house sidings and veneers available. Please note that the list is in alphabetical order and by no means is the order meant to suggest a preference in installation or quality. It should also be noted that there are many manufacturers of each of the sidings and veneers and there specifications as to the life of the material, guarantees warranties, accessories and fittings will vary dramatically. Always compare the specific specifications of each of the manufacturers.

Table 1 will give you some indication as to the costs, installed, of different types of siding and veneer products.

Note: this is only a guideline as there are many items that can influence the actual price of a project:

  • Quality of the material chosen
  • Removal and disposal of the current siding or veneer,
  • Insulation requirements,
  • Repair of damaged sheathing materials,
  • Multiple story homes,
  • Difficult installation, due to landscaping or other obstacles,
  • Location.

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