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Jacking A Damaged Beam

Question: I need to replace the beam in my basement that fell. Do I need a jack to jack it up first and then put a jack stand in? I can't tell if jack stand has a jack made in it or not.

Answer: The top plate of the jack stand is connected to a threaded rod. Although you can use it to jack up the beam it is hard, because you must place a wrench on the joint where the thread sits in the jack post.

It is easier to use a hydraulic jack to do the actual jacking - you can rent them at most rental stores. Once the beam is jacked into position, you insert the jack in position and tighten it snug.

Question: Oh, are the jacks I can rent long enough to go from the floor in the basement to the top, which is about 8 feet? I am trying to replace that metal post that fell down. I know I can do it I just am not sure of all the tools I need to do it with.

Answer: No the jacks will not have a long enough cylinder to reach 8'. I would recommend you get a piece of 6 x 6 after you rent the jack - you have to know how high the jack is before you will know the length of the 6 x 6, it will be 8' less the height of the jack. Make sure everything is level and perpendicular before you start jacking.

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