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How to Make Concrete Countertops


concrete countertop in kitchen

Figure 1 - Concrete counter top in kitchen
Picture courtesy of Stone Passion


Do you really want a concrete countertop?

Cracking and crazing

Countertop shapes

Countertop thickness



Countertop depth

Countertop edges

Countertop overhang

Kitchen sinks and bathroom basins

Kitchen sinks

Bathroom basins

Faucets and accessories

Countertop inlays

The mold

Getting started



Countertop mold materials

Making the mold

Constructing the mold

Constructing the frame around the outside of the mold

Constructing the mold frame for the sink

Inserting the aluminum dividers

Rebar and wire mesh reinforcement

The concrete mix

Understanding the concrete mix

Portland cement




Water reducer

Additional reinforcement (Fibers)

Coloring the concrete (Pigments)

Preparing the concrete mix

How much concrete will you need?

Calculating the amount of each of the ingredients

Mixing the concrete ingredients

Filling the mold with concrete

Curing the concrete countertop

Before removing the concrete countertop from the mold

Removing the concrete countertop from the mold

Finishing the concrete countertop

Concrete countertop grinding techniques

Concrete countertop polishing techniques

Sealing your concrete countertop

Concrete countertop sealing recommendation

Applying the sealer to the concrete countertop

Applying the wax to the concrete countertop

Installing your concrete countertop

Finishing the plywood edge