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Duct Cleaning

Question: I recently moved to an older ranch on a slab...not used to not having a basement where all the mechanical guts of the house are easily accessible! There is major road construction going on behind the house. I realized that the orange dust that I kept finding around the vents is residue from the road construction....(clay soil!) we have been keeping the windows closed and the AC on. After vacuuming the vents, I think I really need to have them cleaned professionally. Any suggestions on what I should look for in a service? Since we're on a slab, I believe all the duct work is under the floors and in the walls, right? Do they just suck out the vents or do they tap into the ductwork? There's a company that has a special advertised for $7.95 per that reasonable? Or am I ok with just vacuuming out the vents....I've heard pros and cons on a lot of the duct cleaning services.

Answer: You want someone reputable - that means that they have a facility (do not work from home), are listed in the yellow pages of your phone book and are members of the BBB or local chamber of commerce. They will use vacuums to such out the dust, but they have a lot more vacuum than an ordinary industrial vac, they do not drill holes in the ducts.