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Cleaning Air Ducts

Question: My air conditioning unit doesn't blow as good as it used to. I cleaned the coils and it is blowing colder air but still not blowing very hard through the vents. I heard that they can come blow out the ducts and wondered if this was a good thing and is it as costly as it sounds like it would be? Does it really help? I was thinking it would help with any allergies if nothing else. But trying to keep everything going myself I don't have a lot of extra money for things that won't make much of a difference.

Answer: You would have to have a lot of dirt build-up in the ducts to affect air-flow and I would think this is highly unlikely. Cleaning the ducts will remove dust, and other allergenic compounds. Things that can affect air flow are usually related to the return air coming into the furnace or clogged air conditioning heat exchangers (coils).

  • Replaced the air filter?
  • Have you placed any furniture in front of return air ducts?
  • Installed new windows?
  • Sealed the house?
  • Installed new doors?
  • Removed a fireplace or blocked a chimney?

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