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rown Molding Installation‏

Question: I watched a couple of DIY shows where they installed crown molding. It looked like it would not be too difficult but in both shows they mentioned that crown molding is a little tedious to do. How tedious would it be? I have a small, simple home and I thought that a little, simple crown molding would dress it up a lot. Any suggestions?

Answer: Crown molding installation is a somewhat tedious because corners in a home are not true 90 degrees. So the tedious part is generally getting the corners to fit nicely. Depending on what type of trim you are planning it can be relatively easy or more complex. If you are painting the crown molding, then you can repair gaps in joints using a wood filler or DAP product and no one will ever see them. If you want a stained wood, getting the joints to fit properly becomes much more critical to the finished appearance.

If you take your time, measure twice, you should be able to produce a respectable finish. Personally I think crown molding is worth the effort!