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Replacing Cracked Bricks

Question: We had a vicious winter and after inspecting the outside of our home, which is about 40 years old, I noticed that we have a couple of bricks that are cracked. Is this serious? Can I replace them or do I have to call in a masonry company?

Answer: A couple of cracked bricks on a house that is 40 years old is not a problem. However, the bricks do need to be replaced to avoid having water enter through the cracks in the bricks and entering the void between the brick veneer and the structural members of the house, which could cause serious damage to both the structural members and the interior.

If you only have a couple of cracked bricks and are reasonable handy, you should be able to undertake replacement of the bricks on your own.

One of the biggest problems you may have is matching the current bricks, which have been weathered, with replacement bricks.

We have a couple of pages of information on replacing cracked or damaged bricks that should assist you.