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Foundation Wall Cracks‏

Question: I'm embarrassingly clueless about the cracks in my basement walls, and who to call for help with them. What do you call the folks who repair them?

My other question is, can I call anyone else for a more impartial inspection? I don't know how bad the cracks are (they don't leak) and I'm worried that someone who repairs walls would say sure, they need repair, when they really don't. I'm also worried about them wanting to do more work than is really necessary.

I'd call the city housing inspector, but then I'd have to do it to their specifications, right?

Answer: Although it will cost you a few dollars you can get a competent impartial inspection from any of the house inspection services. You can find one close to you in the yellow pages.

It sounds like you need a contractor that works on "foundations". Once you get the report from the inspector you will know much better what type of contractor you need.