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Painting Up To A Popcorn Ceiling

Question: I am going to paint some walls in my house and we have popcorn ceilings (which I hate). What is the best way to not get pain on the ceiling around the edges? I can't tape..can I?

Answer: Taping the a popcorn ceiling is difficult, the paint will usually get behind the tape, because you cannot get a tight seal.

Use a 12" wide, plastic or metal (metal works best) drywall knife held in the 90 degree angle where the ceiling meets the wall, hold it at about a 30 degree angle and using a paint brush, paint the wall where it meets the ceiling. The drywall knife will keep the paint from touching the ceiling.

Make sure you wipe the edge of the knife blade often, as paint will build up there and will run to the ceiling side of the knife.

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