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Sound Proofing

Loud Music

Question: We have three teenagers and our family room is directly below our master bedroom. When they have friends over and are playing music we can hear it and in some cases we can feel the vibration on the master bedroom floor.

I was planning on adding another layer of drywall on the ceiling to dampen the noise and the vibrations. Will another layer of drywall help?

Answer: If you add another layer of drywall over the current drywall without hanging it properly as a noise dampener, it will do nothing to help solve your problem.

In order to attenuate the sound transmission there must be an air barrier between the first sheet of drywall and the second. Noise is transmitted through solid objects and only a gap between them will dampen the sound and vibrations.

There are numerous mounting methods and configurations for drywall and acoustic barriers for ceilings and walls when you are trying to attenuate sound transmission.

Different configurations of installation and materials needed to attenuate sound transmission through floors and ceilings.