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Sound Proofing

Reducing Attic Floor Noise

Question: I am converting my attic into a playroom for the kids. My neighbor did theirs and it is very nice, except that you can hear the kids playing and running around. Is there anything that I can do to lessen the noise transmission through the floor?

Answer: If you haven’t installed the sub-floor yet, there is a product that will dampen the sound transmission from the attic floor through the rest of the home.

It is a noise reduction tape that is placed on top of the joists, as shown in Figure 1, prior to laying the sub-floor. It is relatively easy to install as the tape is self adhesive and will stick to the top of the joist.

The noise reduction tape eliminates the noise caused by natural settling and will dramatically reduce the noise created by the kids running and playing on the floor. The joist tape also reduces airborne noise that can leak through even the smallest gaps in flooring construction.

joist noise reduction tape

Figure 1 – Joist noise reduction tape

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