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Sound Proofing

Question: This is my dilemma. I live in a row house that is attached on one side to my neighbors. This is not a problem of getting along but the wall we share is one course of brick work and then plaster on each side, so there is no insulation and thus- I can hear every word, footstep and their baby crying, - and I'm sure like-wise. Without spending a fortune- what could I use on the wall to buffer the sound - but not add width- this is the hallway and it is narrow enough at the moment, really narrow. Also this leads straight to the circular staircase, so there is a curve in the wall as well. My thought was to use felt with maybe some kind of insulation. But don't know what to use trying not to create a big project- just reduce the amount of noise I can hear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: There are numerous ways to obtain some level of soundproofing. The first thing you must do is to determine how the sound is actually being transmitted from one apartment to the other.

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