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Sound Proofing

Cost & Space Efficient Sound Insulation For Wall‏s

Question: I've read the stuff about having to make a separated wall but I just want to add a thin layer of material and then drywall to add some sound insulation from the adjoining semi-detached house. The choices I'm considering are:

  • carpet
  • foam carpet under padding
  • cork panels
  • mass load vinyl (expensive)

Any thoughts on which would work best?

Answer: Carpet with a loose pile will provide some soundproofing on the surfaces that it is in contact with.

Foam carpet under pad does not have enough air space in between the cells to provide much soundproofing.

Cork panels - it depends on the backing - I would use cork that is designed for under hardwood or laminate flooring for condos - it is designed to deaden the sound - it comes in rolls and would have to be glued on. - My recommendation!

Mass load vinyl - no experience in its sound deadening qualities.